• Automated Cloud Backups

    Enhance Data Security with Our Automated Cloud Backup Services for Laptops, Desktops, and Servers. Choose from flexible daily, weekly, or monthly schedules for tailored protection. 

    Automated Cloud Backups
  • Linux, Windows & MacOS

    The following list of operating system sare supported by Backup.Country Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer, Linux OS, macOS 10.13 "High Sierra", or newer and DSM 6 — DSM 7 for Synology.

    Linux, Windows & MacOS
  • Affordable Pricing Plans

    Backup.Country offers premium BAAS at wallet-friendly rates. Tailored solutions for every budget, ensuring top-notch backup without breaking the bank.

    Affordable Pricing Plans
    secure backup

    Secure Your Data with Backup.Country Cloud Backup Services

    Backup.Country offers robust cloud-based backup services, ensuring your data is secure, accessible, and well-protected. We combine local and cloud storage for comprehensive, reliable data protection, suitable for personal to enterprise needs."

    Cloud-Based Backup Services by Backup.Country: Our service symbolizes security, with a cloud over a computer and light beams representing data protection.

    Our strategy aligns with the 3-2-1 backup rule, offering resilience and accessibility for your data under any circumstances. Trust Backup.Country for complete cloud server backup solutions, catering to a range of requirements.

    Backup.Country's Cloud Backup Services: Top-Tier Data Protection Solutions

    We offer high-performance, secure cloud backup services with fast data upload speeds. Our systems ensure swift and secure storage of valuable information.

    Efficient Cloud Server Backup: Imagine a futuristic server room with sleek, black servers and blue data transfer lights under a symbolic cloud representing our efficient cloud backup services.

    We enhance data security with robust two-factor authentication, preventing unauthorized access. Our user-friendly backup solutions work across multiple devices, supporting various systems under one account for both businesses and personal users.

    Additionally, we offer a drive shipping policy for rapid restoration, delivering a physical hard drive with your backup directly, complementing our comprehensive online services.

    Service Feature Backup & Restoration Efficiency User Experience
    Fast Data Upload Streamlined backup with high transfer rates Reduced waiting times for data availability
    Two-Factor Authentication Enhanced security measures in place Additional peace of mind for end-users
    Drive Shipping Policy Options for physical delivery of large data backups Efficient recovery during critical scenarios
    Device Compatibility Support for diverse operating systems and devices Homogenized management for multiple systems


    Select Backup.Country for secure, fast, and easy-to-use cloud backup services designed to protect your data reliably and provide constant access to your essential digital assets.

    Features & Highlights

    Backup.Country provides reliable cloud backup solutions for both individuals and corporations, combining advanced technology with user-friendly interfaces to protect all types of data effectively.


    The 1-2-3 Backup Strategy Simplified by Backup.Country

    Follow a three-step process to secure your data with Backup.Country's 1-2-3 backup strategy:

    Step 1 - Install Software

    Download and set up Backup.Country's software on your device. It can be any of your Laptop, Desktop, Server or Synology device

    Step 2 - Login to Account

    Proceed now to log into your Backup.Country account using the provided credentials. This will grant you access to manage your backups through the software.

    Step 3 - Add Backup Plan

    Configure your backup plan and schedule for automatic execution based on your preferred option of onetime, daily, weekly or monthly backup options.

    Cloud Server Backup Solution Greater Reliability

    Backup.Country focuses on securing your data with advanced cloud server backup solutions, ideal for SMBs needing consistent data access. Our cloud infrastructure offers fast upload and download speeds, ensuring your information is always up-to-date and accessible.

    Reliable Cloud Server Backup: Visualize a cloud illuminating a tech hub.

    Our offsite data backup services cater to a range of operating systems, providing SMBs with extensive, unlimited storage for vital data. We emphasize the resilience of our solutions to support your business in the digital world.

    Security is paramount in our services. We employ advanced authentication methods to prevent unauthorized access and offer flexible scheduling for backups, maintaining both security and operational efficiency.

    Recommended Backup Steps:

    • Primary Data: Stored on your device's internal hard drive.
      Second Copy: On a different medium like an external hard drive or network-attached storage.
      Third Copy: Offsite, in Backup.Country's secure cloud infrastructure.
      Our approach ensures comprehensive protection.


    Feature Benefits Impact on SMBs
    High-Speed Data Transfer Quick syncing of data ensures up-to-the-minute backup copies Minimized downtime and immediate access to the latest data
    Unlimited Storage Capacity No caps on data storage allow for growth without restriction Scalable backup solutions to meet evolving business needs
    Multi-OS Compatibility Comprehensive OS support including Windows, macOS, Linux Unified backup solutions across diverse company devices
    Flexible Backup Scheduling Customizable timetable to suit business hours and resource usage Optimized backup processes tailored to company workflow

    Features & Highlights

    1 TB

    $ 20 /Month
    • 1 TB Storage
    • 1 Device
    • Laptop / Desktop / Server
    • 60 Days Retention Policy
    • Windows / Linux / MacOS
    • Daily / Weekly / Monthy

    5 TB

    $ 30 /Month
    • 5 TB Storage
    • 3 Devices
    • Laptop / Desktop / Server
    • 60 Days Retention Policy
    • Windows / Linux / MacOS
    • Daily / Weekly / Monthy

    10 TB

    $ 40 /Month
    • 10 TB Storage
    • 5 Devices
    • Laptop / Desktop / Server
    • 60 Days Retention Policy
    • Windows / Linux / MacOS
    • Daily / Weekly / Monthy

    Automated Data Backup: Streamlining Your Data Protection

    • Backup.Country specializes in easy-to-use automated data backup services, ideal for time-conscious individuals and businesses. We focus on enhancing your workflow with efficient and reliable data management.

      Efficient Automated Data Backup: Picture a server room with neatly organized computers and backup drives, and a robotic arm loading tapes, reflecting a professional and efficient setup.

      Our service automates data backup, eliminating manual efforts and constant reminders. Your data is regularly and accurately backed up, ensuring up-to-date and protected files, from important business documents to personal memories.

    Benefit Features Impact on Users
    Consistent Data Preservation Scheduled, regular backups Up-to-date data copies without active user management
    Time Efficiency Set-and-forget configuration Maximized productivity, with more time for core activities
    Risk Mitigation Redundant, secure storage practices Minimized potential for data loss and associated stress
    Flexibility Adaptable to individual user needs Tailored backup plans for diverse data portfolios


    Our automated data backup solutions revolutionize digital asset protection, eliminating worries about unsaved changes or data loss. Our remote backup services keep your digital footprint secure anywhere you go.

    Choose Backup.Country for innovation and peace of mind in data security. We are committed to ensuring your success and safeguarding your data integrity.

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    Why Choose Backup.Country?

    Why Choose Backup.Country for Your Cloud Backup Needs?

    Backup.Country offers cloud-based backup services tailored for small businesses, remote workers, and security-focused corporations. We specialize in secure data storage, incorporating cybersecurity measures like ransomware protection and encryption. Our services are scalable, suitable for businesses of any size.

    We are committed to provide secure, flexible, and expertly crafted data protection solutions. We emphasize the integration of state-of-the-art cybersecurity, customizable services, and reliable support to safeguard clients' digital assets.

    Service Aspect Description Advantages for You
    Comprehensive Suite A complete range of cloud backup solutions Robust flexibility to match any business model and size
    Ransomware Protection Advanced security measures to shield data Guard against one of the most critical cyber threats
    IT-grade Backup & Restoration State-of-the-art technology for data recovery Confidence in the event of data loss incidents
    Scalable Solutions Services that grow with your enterprise Assurance of support for ever-evolving data needs


    Data Security with Encrypted Cloud Backup

    Maximizing Data Security with Encrypted Cloud Backup

    Backup.Country offers secure cloud backup solutions with robust end-to-end encryption to protect against breaches and cyber threats. This encryption safeguards your data both during transit and while stored on our servers. Our services are designed to defend against unauthorized access, making them vital for those serious about cyber security.

    We continuously refine our security measures, ensuring trust in our ability to protect your data against current and future cyber threats. Choose Backup.Country for encrypted cloud backup solutions that meet the highest standards of data protection.

    Feature Description Impact
    End-to-End Encryption Encryption from initial backup to storage in the cloud Ensures data confidentiality throughout the backup lifecycle
    Advanced Security Protocols Latest encryption standards to protect data Defends against evolving cyber threats
    User-Oriented Controls Easy-to-use settings for managing encryption Fosters user agency in data security measures
    Comprehensive Cybersecurity Robust protection for your digital assets Provides complete confidence in data safety


    General FAQs

    Cloud-based backup services such as Backup.Country stores data on remote servers, offering protection against physical damage, theft, and local disasters. Accessible from anywhere with internet, they are crucial for modern data protection.

    Offsite backup at Backup.Country stores data separately, key to the 3-2-1 backup strategy. It protects against local disasters, ensuring data availability regardless of primary site incidents.

    Backup.Country's cloud backup services offer automated backups, unlimited storage, mobile device support, and security features like two-factor authentication and encryption.

    Cloud storage is for active file use and sharing, while cloud backup focuses on disaster recovery, automatically saving data copies for restoration in case of loss or damage.

    Choose Backup.Country for flexible, secure cloud backup services with advanced security, broad device support, and user-friendly experiences, ideal for small businesses and individuals.

    Backup.Country's encrypted cloud backup uses end-to-end encryption, securing data from unauthorized access and keeping it confidential.

    Backup.Country's cloud server backup offers fast speeds, ample storage, uninterrupted access, and various OS support, ensuring reliable data access.

    Automated data backup schedules regular backups without user intervention, ensuring consistent data protection and reducing human error.

    Backup.Country integrates backup solutions with SaaS platforms, ensuring secure backup and efficient recovery of crucial SaaS application data.

    Backup.Country's remote backup services support backup from various devices and locations, catering to modern work environments and remote workforces.

    Backup.Country's services include quick, secure server and endpoint backups, generous storage, advanced encryption, and multi-device data restoration.

    Backup.Country uses encryption and security protocols to protect against data loss, ransomware, and malware, ensuring a robust digital defense.

    Backup.Country's online data backup offers accessible online backups while maintaining strict security, suitable for diverse access needs.

    Backup.Country assists businesses in choosing offsite data backup solutions that fit their unique needs and support their continuity plans.